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Meet with Paul O'Kane MSP


Scottish Labour MSP Paul O’Kane has praised politics students from West College Scotland for being “brilliantly inquisitive” following his visit to the Greenock Waterfront Campus.

O’Kane was invited by History and Politics lecturer Richard Tullet to come to the campus to talk to a Politics class about life as an MSP and take questions from students about current political issues.

The Labour politician has made numerous visits to primary and secondary schools in West Scotland, but this meeting marked his first time speaking with students in further education.

Commenting Paul O’Kane said:

“I was impressed by how brilliantly inquisitive the class were… every question made me reflect and think deeply and that’s a testament to how well prepared they were”

“We covered a lot of subjects within an hour, but I hope the class got a sense of who I am, how I arrived at my own political views and were inspired to think about what kind of part they could play in politics in the future”

“It’s really encouraging to know just how switched on students are, as well as being very warm and open towards a visiting MSP”

“I want to thank the college for having me and I look forward to visiting again in the future”


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