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Meet with Paul O'Kane MSP


Scottish Labour MSP Paul O’Kane has visited Include Me 2 Club’s Social Blend café and praised their “inspiring” work.

O’Kane visited Social Blend café in Cowan Park to learn more about Include Me 2 Club’s work, particularly the opportunities the third sector group are providing for people in the local community.

The Labour MSP received a video presentation from IM2C founder Paul McIlvenny that detailed the numerous projects and enterprises that the group currently run across East Renfrewshire.

O’Kane also enjoyed having a coffee from the group’s café Social Blend and chatted with staff members.

Commenting Paul O’Kane said:

“IM2C is a truly inspiring third sector group… their origin was a couple of people wanting to make a difference to their community and now they’ve become a household name in East Renfrewshire, helping hundreds of people through community projects and enterprises”

“Paul showed me some really fantastic videos which shows the journey the group has been on – each event or project they’ve done seems to be bigger and more ambitious than the last one”

“The Social Blend café is such a welcoming place and I know many who go there for it’s warm and friendly environment”

“IMC2 a shining example of what communities can achieve when they come together”


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