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Paul O’Kane has donated two benches to the Neilston community and says they are a “thank you for a decade of support”.

The two benches, which can be found on Double Hedges Road and outside the Scout hall, depict scenes from the 1900s which were inspired by a postcard bought by avid local historian and Neilston War Memorial researcher Matthew Drennan.

O’Kane decided to use the last of his councillor salary to commission the benches.

Commenting Paul O’Kane said:

“I had been approached by some people in the Holehouse end of the village who were saying there weren’t enough benches

“There was therefore an opportunity to put in new benches that were bespoke and reflected the history of the area and that’s particularly important to me because it’s where I grew up

“My mum and dad are still there today and it’s a really historic part of the village because you’ve got the mill workers’ cottages

“You get walking groups there as well, with a lot of people saying it would be nice to have more benches around that area so they can have a bit of a rest

“I’m really happy to be able to give this gift to the village, it is my thank you to them for a decade of support”

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