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Scottish Labour MSP Paul O’Kane has urged people to get out to support local businesses on Small Business Saturday after visiting his own “favourite” local café right next to his Regional Office in Paisley.

O’Kane visited the Coffee Mill inside the Abbey Mill Business Centre, a café which the MSP uses regularly.

The café is known to serve workers from the surrounding work offices of the business park and is famous for its soups, paninis, and baked potatoes.

Small Business Saturday will take place on Saturday 2nd December.

Commenting Scottish Labour MSP Paul O’Kane said:

“I feel really strongly about the message behind Small Business Saturday… it’s all about remembering that there are business out there that are independent, locally owned, family run places that very much depend on the support of the local community”

“These types of businesses are what  keep a strong sense of individuality and character in our towns and villages and of course, keep a strong local economy going”

“The Coffee Mill is a great local café which I visit I visit at least twice per week… I love that my office is so close to it”

“When I’m in the queue each week I can see the great rapport that exists between customers and the café as they wait for whatever delights Denise (Coffee Mill owner) and her team are putting together”

“I believe you can often find much more variety when you’re shopping in a local business – whether it be a gift shop or café – rather than being in one the big brand’s shops”

“Times are tough financially and that’s why a lot of people aren’t spending as much as they used to but to anyone who is in the fortunate position to be able to, I urge them to go out on this Small Business Saturday and help support a local business that they care about”


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